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SGS, DCA & MTKN collaborate to bring first Screener Academy in Myanmar

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The prospects of partnership between SGS, Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) and Myint Thukhandi Aviation & Technology Co. Ltd has led us to first approaching program of Baggage Screener Academy for Myanmar DCA.

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One of key elements in achieving optimum results from operation of any non-intrusive inspection equipment is the quality and integrity of the image analysis. The scanning equipment may reveal anomalies, but only the image analysts with the appropriate and developed skills base, will recognize and find the dangerous and prohibited items, that are so often cunningly concealed. Intensive and Refresher training of analysts is crucial in complimenting and expanding upon the analysts skills, experience and competencies.

That’s why SGS training academy is structured around baggage/pallet scanner simulator software that replicates the image analysis functions of the Heimann or Rapiscan baggage scanners, as if the users were operating the equipment in real time.

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The advantage of the simulator is that the users can be introduced to and trained in the recognition of multiple types of threats that they may have never seen before, independent of the scanner operational equipment, and their level of comprehension can be developed and assessed, using different category of difficulties, allowing a clear identification of the competence of each individual among a group and recognizing their particular requirements for any additional training.

The Adaptive SGS X-ray Screener Training Solution complies with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s standards for certification and assessment of aviation security staff:

With such practice being applied around the world, we, MTKN, will first introduce the handshake between us, SGS & DCA to provide our Yangon International Airport to be world recognized, safety certified premises with intention to train the employee at other airport sites in near future.

And, with correct feedback & statistics of each trainee, we will provide them with annual certificate to continue their operation with world standard acknowledged.

For these purposes, we are planning to launch the first academy by end of this year November, with further news to be announced on our site. Stay tuned for the updates and “be Innovative”.