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Upcoming Security Development: First Body Scanner to be implemented in Yangon International Airport

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With newest threat everyday, our Yangon International Airport has been analyzing different types of alternatives to resolve these issues to guarantee safety of our passengers. X Ray Machines, Aviation Security Staff and Customs currently conduct most of the security measures in dealing with illegal or prohibited items to ensure the security of everyone.

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Now, with the New Airport Terminal in Yangon led by Yangon Aerodome Company Limited, an Asia World Subsidiary has finally finished, more work on new domestic terminal has already begun and plans are being drawn up for an “Airport City” comprising a cultural centre, hotels, commercial and retail space. Thus, improved security infrastructure is much further required in the process.

Now, with the collaboration between our Team, Myint Thukha Nadi Aviation and Technology Co. Ltd and L3 Security & Detection Systems, we are now proposing this new innovation of Body Scanner, ProVision 2 to be implemented in our first Terminal of Yangon International Airport.

ProVision 2: Compact, Effective & Safety Ensured

ProVision 2 is a compact, image-free personnel-screening system, which fits area with 8-Foot ceilings and detects objects safely and effectively, while ensuring privacy.

The ProVision 2 with Automatic Target Detection offers the same great aviation checkpoint detection and throughput as the widely deployed ProVision ATD. The system quickly screens passengers using safe active millimeter wave (MMW) radio frequency technology to detect concealed objects made of a broad variety of materials – both metallic and non-metallic, including liquids, gels, rubber, wire, powder, plastics, ceramics, sheet and bulk explosives. The passenger experience is convenient, straightforward and efficient, requiring only a quick, stationary pose for 1.5 seconds that provides scan information on potential threats.

The ProVision 2 is approved by the TSA and the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) and has been optimized for aviation applications to be suitable for the environments.

What are the Advantages of Using ProVision 2?

1. Enhanced Security: Unmatched Detection

Terrorists constantly search for clever ways to conceal aviation threat substances. The ProVision 2’s unmatched detection software is optimized for aviation requirements. The system eliminates the ambiguity of hand searches and detects a range of threats metal detectors simply cannot. Based on a 1.5-second scan, the system detects a broad range of targets including metallic and non-metallic items, and both low and high density materials, including explosive sheets, powders, sheet and bulk explosives, liquids, gels, ceramics and other solids, etc.

2. Health and Safety: Safe Radio Wave Technology

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The ProVision 2’s patented sensing mechanism is based on millimeter-wave technology using safe radio waves that pose no health and safety risks. These signals pass through all types of clothing, but do not penetrate the body. The system’s sensors capture the reflected waves. The ProVision 2 does not use ionizing radiation, such as X-rays, and is tens of thousands of times less powerful than other commercial radio frequency devices like cell phones, wireless handsets and other standard household devices. The ProVision 2’s millimeter wave technology has been extensively evaluated by regulators worldwide including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada and the Dutch Institute of Applied Science (TNO), and found to be completely safe.

3. Ultimate Privacy: Image-Free Technology

The ProVision 2 boasts similar privacy protocols as walk-through metal detectors since images are not generated. Numeric scan data is analyzed by software without human intervention to determine if any threats are present. Potential areas of concern are mapped onto a generic mannequin, which is identical for everyone, and presented to the operator. Security personnel can then assess the situation. If nothing is detected, a green screen with an “OK” appears and security personnel can clear the individual.

4. Efficient Operations: Unsurpassed Throughput

When it comes to throughput, there’s no match for the rugged, reliable ProVision 2. The system requires less than 1.5 seconds to scan an individual for a complete multidirectional view, and less than six seconds total time for the scan and decision. The ProVision 2 can support processing 200 – 300 people per hour, depending on the application and supporting security protocols.

The ProVision 2 reduces the need for time-consuming physical hand searches that can limit throughput levels. In addition to being more invasive and stressful for the individuals being screened, these hand searches place a high degree of physical stress on security personnel. With The ProVision 2 there’s no need for the repetitive bending and stretching required for physical inspections.

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5. Highly Configurable: Operational Simplicity

The ProVision 2 is a single, stationary pose system that accommodates the throughput needs of high-traffic, high-volume checkpoints. The ProVision 2’s transparent walls enable security personnel to keep individuals in view at all times. The system’s reliable and robust design allows it to withstand rough handling. Fully networkable, the system can easily be configured to meet specific throughput and facility requirements.

6. Return on Investment: Upgradeable Platform

The ProVision 2 offers customers an upgradeable technology platform that can be enhanced through software updates as new threats and requirements emerge.

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In the near future, we planned to integrate these innovations throughout the checkpoints of Terminal 1 in Yangon International Airport. Yangon Aerodome Group has been thriving non-stop and will be able to provide these safety measures for the purposes for improving the best in Myanmar.

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